We provide home and community based services to the developmentally disabled population and the aging population in Phoenix Arizona and its surrounding communities. Our job is to assist and support families/consumers with their everyday needs.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to bring the utmost in care to those in need of our services. We are proud to be your Agency of Choice for our consumers who deserve support given with compassion and integrity, from a staff that is bright, creative and well-informed. This organization will strive to maintain all of these qualities for the benefit of consumers and staff alike. We are fully licensed, certified and insured in the State of Arizona, by the State of Arizona, AHCCCS, and other governing agencies.

Our Philosophy:

Everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow from interaction with others. If we provide a safe, resourceful and balanced environment for growth to take place, then we become an asset to the community. The roles that we play are extremely valuable: assisting our consumers to remain in the community, and/or developing the skills needed to become more active members of the community. The diversity that exists in our community enriches us all as we continue to learn from alternate perspectives.

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